Community Soccer Volunteerism: Community sports thrive on their volunteers.  It is not possible to run without them, and its unlikely to run well without strong volunteerism.

Littlestown Youth Soccer Club is a community soccer organization run by volunteers at all levels.  The Board of Directors and other staff receive no compensation, so we ourselves understand the importance of volunteerism.

Here’s what we typically need:

  • Coaches and Assistants (Coaches Page)
  • Registration Help
  • Referees and Ref training (Referees Page)
  • Field Help
  • Fundraising
  • Photography and social media
  • Board Members (Requires longer term effort and more substantial tasks)

A good number of sports organizations around the country use “Volunteer-or-Pay” methods to both compel volunteerism and raise more money.  Littlestown Soccer rejects this. If a club genuinely needs more funds to operate, then prices should be raised and announced honestly. Volunteers should commit their time and talents because they WANT to help, and have the ability and time to do it. We want volunteers who are doing the right things for the right reasons in what they do for a single purpose – to help kids.

If you can help in any way, please contact us by email at admin@littlestownsoccer.org or during registration. The kids are the real winners from this!